These are just notes for myself. Don't take them as promises/plans/etc. Maybe someday I will get a decent bugtracker to keep them in.

use CDN for bootstrap
use CDN for jquery
use CDN for fontawesome

404 mapping for /advanced/xxxx

<meta name="description" content="" /> on home page

more pages with sharing

/support/links.html - rss feed should be a local url (or FeedBurner)

Recipe - engines specifically *not* supported

java engine: group(n) in a single column
java engine: string.split(), string.replaceAll()
perl engine: error trapping
php engine: flags/options
dotnet engine:
	- index.aspx: redirect to /advanced/dotnet/index.html

ruby engine:
	- 1.9 features
	- meta: # of captures
	- meta: named captures

python engine:
	- DEBUG option

java engine:
	- hyperlink th's to JavaDoc

/advanced/xxx/index.html - preserve non-applicable options as hiddens

perl.png - replace with nicer camel from perl-vertical

engine feature comparison
	- customized cheat-sheet
	- re2 has decent starting list
	- link to

new engine: re2
	python binding at
	or all the C libraries from
	with C-based CGI:

recipes to test the engines:

eLance (or ?) for Erlang and Haskell

cap # of recipes on All page

	customized per engine
	pdf and html
	pull from (or link to) recipe

anonymous sharing: find better name?  Gist?

check all page titles

/sitemap.xml: include public recipes

privacy policy

terms of service

translate (at least the menus & test page)
	- ask for volunteers if browser lang isn't supported yet

/cookbook/ list pages
	- better formatting (remove table)
	- paging
	- filter by engine


cookbook listing by user (UserCount table w/# of public recipes)
cookbook listing by tag (TagCount table w/# of public recipes)

some way to convert replacement string syntax between $ and \ flavors

/support/contact.html - links to pages with discussions on them:
	Recipe Request

/user - list of users w/public recipes
	  - (admins) list of all users that have ever logged in

login: separate success and cancel urls

expected result for each input: then have an overall sucess and list of failing inputs
	- list of (start,end) pairs

remove HtmlEncoder, StrUtil

debug page:
	- java info

error pages:
	- 403
	x- 404
	x- 500
	- google errors (static .txt)
	- send email

	- simple json
	- resty
	- opencsv
	- txtmark:

	- awk
	- flash/flex/actionscript
	- dart
	- XMLSchema
	- PostgresQL
	- MySQL
	- GNULib
	- re2

	- CLF, DLF and ELF webserver request logs
	- GUID (w/ and w/o formatting, etc)

Links: fixup descriptions at pinboard

bug report for Apache commons.lang3.StringUtils not running under GAE

more text on home page: originally part of FFI, GAE timeout ideal

	- language
	- dateadd/mod
	- public y/n
	- deleted y/n
	- owner

	static list of admins
	static list of banned (=never make public)

making the engines into a test suite:
	To engine:
		JSON: "test" : [ "MATCH", "MATCHFIRST",...]  // one per input
	From engine:
		JSON: "outputs":["PASS", "FAIL", "SKIP", "IGNORE", "EMPTY", ...] // one per input
		JSON: "test" : "SUCCESS|PARTIAL|FAIL|ERROR", "pass": n, "fail"